Fashion designer Jo Carlin, has a strong earthbound quality interfused with cosmopolitan flair. For many years she has made a reputation designing for high profile clientele. Her signature design and production company has left an enduring mark in the world of luxury interiors, merging her International sensibility with her South African heritage. Jo Carlin and her staff have an extended experience in large scale projects mainly of luxury nature, from celebrated hotels to private resort design.

The extensive professional experience of Jo Carlin in design and her strong team and their profound creative dialogue have established a powerful design force. Jo Carlin manages every stage from inspiration to the design process and production and proposes a unique range of handmade luxury furniture, lighting, rugs and decorative objects all of which can be custom made upon request.

On a larger scale Jo Carlin undertakes architectural and interior design projects with modernistic inspiration and international identity, providing full on site supervision, high standards of construction and unparalleled customer focus. Jo Carlin offers its clients optimum quality, excellent craftsmanship and exclusivity in elegance.